Grain Marketing Course

Sep 25th | Farmers Club, London

What is it?

A 1-day grain marketing course for anyone involved in the agri-commodity supply chain.

Knowledge & Skills

The day will give participants the knowledge and skills to improve their marketing performance through risk management tools, developing a marketing plan and a thorough understanding of the causes and effects of volatility.

Trade like a trader

The course will arm you with the skills to trade like a trader, including strategic planning, developing a disciplined approach to marketing, understanding what matters in the markets so that you maximise your time reading relevant market information, also how options and futures can be used in your strategies and what the implications are.


For those attending the course and then following our strategies, the results are clear. Our strategies have beaten the AHDB wheat market average by £10/T over the past 4 years and by over £18/T for OSR. The course costs less than 1T of OSR, so the payback is almost instant!

Improved knowledge

about all the grain marketing tools available in your tool box to keep up with grain marketing industry.

Increased ability

to respond effectively to market volatility and to implement flexible & straight forward grain marketing strategies.

Improve your bottom line

without taking big risks yet developing a grain marketing plan suitable for current markets.

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