Grain Marketing Community

Grain Marketing Events

CRM Agri hold regular events all over the country to keep farmers updated on current markets, the CRM Agri strategy, discuss agronomy and other business matters and all from an independent point of view.

The groups have proved popular and numbers and locations are spreading, most will meet 4 or 5 times a year at least some monthly.

If you cannot see your area covered on the map then do not worry, we are always looking to create new groups and will likely have clients in your area looking to start a group too, just get in touch and discuss it with one of our advisors.

Larger events

CRM Agri also hold larger scale events and work with partners to help them add content to their client or marketing events. CRM Agri consultants have global experience speaking at conferences and will be please to speak with you about how we could enhance yours.

Grain Marketing Groups