Farm Marketing

CRM Grain Marketing

In grain marketing there is no one size fits all strategy, every business has very different storage constraints, cash flow, attitudes to risk and management structures and we take time to understand all of these in order to provide the most suitable marketing strategy. Once we have analysed the global markets, formed our market opinion and discussed this with each client, we will then develop and maintain a strategy which is most suitable for the current market environment and most importantly their business. Some of our grain marketing frameworks include (but are not limited to):
Complete Risk Management.

The CRM strategy is the most dynamic and flexible of our strategies, using all the tools available to a UK agricultural business (options, forward, spot etc). This strategy is based around the marketing limitations of a typical agribusiness and is followed by our buying and selling ‘Info Plus’ clients. We publish the results of this strategy on our website at the end of each marketing campaign, with details of how the result was achieved.

Physical Risk Management

This strategy uses the physical market exposure of each business as well as options to manage volatility and take advantage of marketing opportunities. This allows buyers and sellers of grains to manage risk without having exposure to direct futures or foreign currencies.
Optimised Physical Marketing

This makes the most of physical sales, basis, forward contracts, min price and other commercially available marketing mechanisms, in order to achieve similar positions to those which can be gained through futures and options. The clients are able to trade through their usual trading partners with the benefit of independent advice.