Meet Our Founders

Benjamin Bodart

Ben co-founded CRM AgriCommodities after realising the requirement from UK agribusinesses for bespoke, independent marketing advice and now working with a broad range of agricultural businesses, providing them with market analysis and trading strategies. He holds MSc in Agricultural Economics from Toulouse School of Agriculture, France. 

In 2008, Ben helped to establish the UK arm of a European based grain marketing business, before being placed as its Managing Director in 2012 working with agribusinesses across the UK and Europe including arable/ livestock businesses, food processors, merchants and cooperatives.

He has an understanding of both global and practical farming having worked in the US and grown up on his family farm near Toulouse, where they grow a variety of crops including soybeans, sunflower and maize.

Ben regularly speaks at industry conferences and can be contacted directly for availability.


James Bolesworth

James is a co-founder of CRM AgriCommodities and works directly with agribusinesses around the UK advising on and managing grain marketing strategies.

His role includes advising clients on markets and risk management tools as well as developing and managing individual grain marketing strategies. He is a member of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants and regularly speaks at industry conferences.

James has a BSc (Hons) in International Agribusiness Management, where he conducted research projects into the impacts of ethanol production on corn prices and holds a Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma (Derivatives) from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment.